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Franchiseek was established in 1999 and since then, has helped thousands of prospective franchisees find their ideal franchise globally. The Franchiseek franchise directory lists hundreds of opportunities for sale in 60 countries worldwide including international master franchise opportunities in our master franchise directory.

As well as listing hundreds of master franchise opportunities & international business franchises for sale, browse through the latest global franchising news. Browse through hundreds of franchises for sale in your local country franchise directory to find your ideal franchise.

Use the industry links below to browse master franchise opportunities for sale in Canada. Master franchises in Canada can include Canandian based businesses looking to expand their operations across different parts of the country, or even businesses based in another country that are looking to start operations in Canada and are looking for a master franchisee. Click on the franchises by industry category link below, that best suits your interests. Be it an automotive franchise in Canada or a Sports franchise in Canada, there are a huge range of franchises that are for sale.

What is Franchising?

Franchising provides a means of owning and running a business for yourself, but not by yourself. A franchise is an agreement between two parties; the franchisor and franchisee.

The franchisor provides trade mark or trade name of an established business model along with details of business operations, and a franchisee is someone who pays an initial investment, sometimes in conjunction with ongoing fees, which provides them with a license to trade under those trade marks or trade names and run an established business.

Business format franchising is the type most identifiable to the average person. In a business format franchise relationship, the franchisor provides to the franchisee not just its trade name, products and services but an entire system for operating the business. The franchisee generally receives site selection and development support, operating manuals, training, brand standards, quality control, a marketing strategy and business advisory support from the franchisor.

There are a huge range of franchises for sale on the Franchiseek franchise directory, from catering franchises, automotive franchises and cleaning franchises to pet related franchises and plumbing. You’re sure to find your ideal franchise at Franchiseek international franchise directory.

Why Buy a Franchise?

Simply put, when buying a franchise, you’re buying a proven business model. Unlike starting up your own business from scratch, a franchisor has already created the business trademark and brand name, with all past mistakes identified and resolved.

The franchisor will have replicated that franchise business across multiple territories already with other franchisees all following in the franchisor’s successful footsteps.

This is why franchises generally have a better success rate when compared to business startups. In fact, many leading experts and franchise associations claim franchise start-up success rates are over 95%, far greater than when you set-up a business on your own.

When buying a franchise, you’ll often receive everything you need to get a good start. After all, your success is the franchisor’s success. The franchisor will want you to achieve because you’re trading under their brand name and they want you to build a successful reputation that will have a good impact on them, and their many other franchisees.

Get started today and find your ideal franchise with Franchiseek International.

Statistics around Franchising in Canada

Franchising has been a very popular option for anyone looking to run their own business for a very long time. But if you are interested in buying your own franchise you may be interested in the amount of people who have made the decision to run their own franchise in Canada.

  • There are between 1,200 and 1,300 franchise companies operating approximately 76,000 franchised outlets in Canada.
  • Around 4,300 new franchise outlets open in Canada each year.
  • It is estimated that a new franchise in Canada opens every 2 hours 365 days a year.

Now you can see how popular franchising is in Canada most of these people have done it and succeeded. This shows that anyone can make it in the world of franchising all you need to do is put in effort , time and have passion for what you are doing and truly the sky is the limit. So if you have seen the statistics above and are wanting to get a franchise why not check out our Canadian franchise directory for local franchises near you. On the other hand if you are interested in buying a franchise opportunity in another country why not have a browse through our global franchise directory which offers franchises in over 60 different countries.

How franchising helps the Canadian economy.

We will now list a few statistics around how franchising helps the Canadian economy hopefully this can show you how good franchising is in two ways how it helps people run their own business and helps local communities while doing it.

  • Franchising in Canada alone provides over 1.8 million jobs.
  • Also franchising contributes over $96 billion dollars to the economy annually.
  • the franchise industry’s $96-billion contribution to the economy represents nearly 5 per cent of Canada’s GDP.

Overall these statistics show how good franchising is for Canada and how it helps local communities by providing opportunities to everyone such as jobs. So if you are interested in becoming part of the franchisee community all it takes is to find a franchise you like the look of on our directory and make an enquiry just filling out simple information which only takes around 2 minutes to fill out and the franchisor will be in touch with you from their and will send you information around their opportunity that is currently up for grabs in your chosen industry.

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